Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The yellow-orange carpet

When winter draws near and autumn comes close to ending the ground is filled with leaves. Even a single tree can drop a tremendous amount of leaves and forms an rustling carpet around itself. The carpet can be quite thick even when it is composed of leaves of a single tree. But when there are many trees there will certainly be lots sand lots of leaves.

Such was the case close to the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry of University of Helsinki in Viikki. There are about a dozen of maple trees and when they all started to shed their leaves the result was a large and thick yellow-orange carpet. Walking amid those leaves and listening to the rustle is actually quite therapeutic and relaxing. You should try it some time if you the chance.

For some strange reason I managed to contain myself from running around kicking and throwing the leaves into the air long enought to take a couple of pictures. I was a bit sceptic about the composition of the picture since it is taken rather close to the ground but I think it turned out quite nice. Posted by Picasa
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