Saturday, November 26, 2005

A cute little critter

On one of our walks at the park my wife noticed this cute little creature at the side of the road. It didn't move at all and we thought the poor thing to be dead! We knelt next to it and looked closer and noticed it was moving ever so slightly back and forth. Guess it was alive after all!

Just to make sure my wife took a straw and stroke the back of this rodent. At first there was no reaction but after a while the creature moved a bit and later a bit more and started eating something.

At that point I had taken my camera out and gone on all fours. Keeping my camera at the ground level and my backside up I must have looked pretty amusing. At least some of the people who walked past us chuckled a bit. I shot couple of dozens pictures of this cute little thing and I think this is just about the cutest I got. Posted by Picasa
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