Saturday, November 26, 2005

First snow

Today we had the first real snow cover for the winter. It had rained a little snow earlier this week but it never coated the land this thoroughly.

I myself aren't too big fan of winter. It is too cold for me. Of course I can and will put on a lot of clothes when going out but that is just the thing. The time I spend on summertime for grocery shopping just about goes to get dressed warmly enough to go out. Ok so I am exaggarating a bit here but the dressing up warmly enough just takes way too long. And I still manage to shiver outside.

The thing is that I have poor blood circulation in my hands and feet (no I do not smoke) so the gloves aren't helping much. And then there is the thing with face. I just can't cover it warmly enough without being mistaken for a robber. Ergo I shiver from cold during winter.

The winter is beatiful season though. A clear late winter day is as gorgeous as it is cold. But I'll manage and try to take the most out of this cold season too. I am rather enthuastic downhill skier although I haven't been able to get into any decent ski resort for the last five or so years. A shame really. Posted by Picasa
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