Sunday, November 27, 2005

Celebration of autumn, part II

Here we have a more traditional looking outfit of the autumn ball. Green base with red and orange highlights is rather usual for maples. The dress is very colourful and elegant.

I like this picture because of its colours but the high tension powerline in the backround is very very annoying. Sure I could photochop it out of the picture but there are two reasons for why I will not do so:

a) I do not believe in photochopping. Sure the colourbalance can be trimed with appropriate software and cropping of the picture is ok by me. But taking out of entire elements? I think that is just plain wrong. One should be able to take a succeful picture with all the element in the viewfinder.


b) I am not that good with retouching the photos and that is why I have deviced point a). I am planning on learning the fine art of photochopping and retouching someday since it is part of todays digitalphotography. But for now I hang on to point a) and try to take pictures that require as little retouching as possible. Besides cropping of course. Posted by Picasa
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