Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Circular shapes, part III

Is it an alien mothership howering above me? No, it is upward view from the lowest floor of the Kamppi Center. The photo on the previous post was shot from up there. the two vertical lines are the two escalators you can see in the Circular shapes, part II.

This picture does look a little like a spaceship and on the other hand it reminds me of a TV ad of rye bread that runs here onlocal TV. It advertises Fazer's Ruispuikulat. The ad displays pretty random elliptic shapes found from nature (ripples in water, a smooth stone, a cloud on the sky etc.) and ends in a statement "Finnish design since year xxxx". Can't remember the yaer mentioned but it is not important. Posted by Picasa

Circular shapes, part II

I was walking in the just recently opened Kamppi Shopping Center (only in finnish, sorry) and wandered up to the top floor. Up there I looked down from opening that goes through each and every floor and I remembered the picture I posted previously. I just had to take a picture due to the similiarity to recollection of the Pukinmäki train depot.

There used to be a big red spot on the floor wich had the text Kampin Keskus - Olet tässä (Kamppi Center - You Are Here) and a info map pretty close by. For once I really truly was where the red spot on the map would say me to be. It is such a shame it is removed now. Posted by Picasa

Circular shapes, part I

An older picture for a change. This picture was taken at Pukinmäki train depot in Helsinki. It has rather nice ar­chi­tect­or­al detail shown on the picture here. Just in case it is difficult to perceive I'll explain it a little.

The station platform is divided byt about a dozen or so walls that support the roof atop the platform and each wall has a built in hole in it at the same location. Now that you look through the first hole it gives this kinda neat tunnel like effect. It has kind of an optical illusion look to it, doesn't it? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Once again a competition picture from the Pelit.fi discussion forums (in finnish and requires a subscription to Pelit magazine).

The theme was red and for quite some time I had no idea what so ever for the picture. Sure I have plenty of red things around the house but they all are so very ordinary and I wanted someting more impressive. Then one day I had this idea.

I took some dice from my collection and built up a pyramid. The base was made out of opaque dice and the top from transparent blue dice and a transparent red die. Then I lit up the led lights of my Nokia 3200 mobile phone and put it behind of the pyramid. The cone of light needed some masking so I put some more opaque dice to focus the light of the transparent dice before taking the picture. I like the outcome very much.

There are couple of reasons why I like tis picture. One being obviously that it looks good but the main reason is that it isn't one of those "Oh, nice setting. I'll snap a picture of it!" kind of photos so very typical for me. For this one I saw some effort in building up the setting and picturing the photo in my mind even before setting the camera on the tripod. Posted by Picasa