Monday, December 05, 2005

Misty winter morning

We had snow for some two days before it all melted away and it began raining water for about a week. Depressing since the snow makes a day so much brighter. I am rather glad I took this picture to remind me of the proper winter scenery.

Even though it is December I think it is a wee bit early to wait for the snow cower to be permanent here in southern Finland. As much as I dislike the cold I truly have to admit that having snow on the ground is something very special.

With a slight horror I observe the development of wather patterns over the past few years. Snow cover comes later and later each year and the snow melts away earlier and ealier each spring. At this rate we will not have any snow at all during winters. Now that would just plain suck. For the three darkest months of the year atleast. When there is more light during daytime I don't mind the lack of snow cower. Posted by Picasa
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