Sunday, November 27, 2005

Little bushytail

I saw this squirrel running along the grass next to our home building close to the road. He (maybe I should say it since I do not know its gender) ran and bobbed stopping every once in a while. Sometimes just to eat something and other times to look around.

After a while he ran across the street next to a stonewall pretty lose to the halfway of it. First he ran to the left about a quarter the way and then stopped and looked aroung looking rather confused. Then he turned around run about halfway the wall's lenght and stopped again and looked around still looking confused. Yet again he turned to other way and ran to the half-way of the wall stopped turned around and then ran to the end of the wall up the stairs and dissapeared out of my sight.

I guess the little squirrel was a little lost. He was so small that I think he was offspring of that summer running outside the nest for the first times. Looking at the squirrel made me think. Every now and then we all get a little lost and confused. Some of us might grow uneasy of the feeling some of us might fear the feeling of being lost and some of us just might not even notice of being lost. For those of us who do notice of being lost this little squirrel is quite an example. Do not panic, look around for familiar things and after a while you find your way again. I think this little advice works for the situations of being lost in the enviroment and for being lost in life. Either way a little orientation just might do the trick. Posted by Picasa
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