Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

It has been a year since I kicked up this little photoblog of mine. 86 posts, couple of more photos and few comments… That just about wraps up everything there is to tell. Anyhow I think I am going to bore you with little statistics, even though my StatCounter hasn’t been doing its work for a year yet, that’d be in a month or so.

As of November 26th 17:21 EET (+2 GMT) there have been 1618 visits to my blog which is actually quite nice, since I haven’t gone around and advertised my blog anywhere. Thank you all, even though I would like to get more feedback. Tell me what you like about my pictures, please.

Most of the visitors have been from Finland (41,94 %) with a fair share of US and UK visitor too (19,35 and 16,13) of which the latter country is probably due to a friend of mine who moved to London. Cheers mate!

Quite surprisingly 17,2 % of the visits have taken over an hour, did someone forget their browser on or what? On the other hand majority (62,1 %) of the visits were less than 5 seconds. Guess the Google search didn’t have the wanted results.

42 % of my visitors have used Internet Explorer 6.0 to browse my blog, while 36 % have used Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and 13 % have used Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and the rest 9 % is shared with Mozilla (5 %), Firefox 1.0.7 (2 %) and Opera (9.00).

Little over half (50,52 %)of the visitors have used 1024x768 resolution and 34,02 have used 1280x1024 resolution. There have been larger and smaller resolution too, but those are quite marginal, largest resolution being 1600x1200 (4,12 %) and the smallest being 800x600 (1,03 %) and then there is the ~6 % of unknown resolutions.

By far the most popular OS has been Windows XP (76 %) and Mac OS X is at second place with 14 %. 6 % of users have been running Windows 2000 and 4 % some unknown OS.

Judging from the number of returning visits I have some devoted readers. There are two (2) people with 10+ returning visits, one with 5-10 and 9 1-5 returning visits. 81,8 % of visitors have been first time visitors. Ok, I know that this data is quite unreliable since it is based on a cookie. If the same person visits my blog regularly but does that from different comp every time (s)he is always counted as a first timer.

I think this is enough boring data for now. Here is a picture to end this post. This is one of the oldest pictures I have taken. It certainly isn’t my first, but one of the oldest that have survived. It was taken on a beach of Rhodes summertime around 1990 or so can’t quite remember the exact year.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Rise and Shine!

There was a magnificent sunrise here the other day. I have missed these for quite some time. In both meanings of the word, I would presume.

I tend to sleep long in the mornings, mostly because I go to bed relatively late and because I need more sleep than the average person does. Therefore I get up too late to see the sunrises.

Thankfully winter is coming and the sun will rise later so I am more likely to see the rising sun more often. That is one of the few things I like about winter. And because I have missed the sun rises by waking up too late I have begun to miss seeing them. I think I am over explaining here.

Nevertheless breathtaking sunrises are a more important thing for me than the equally breathtaking sunsets, just because I see fewer of the sunrises. And now I miss the sunsets too…


Finally, after a couple of weeks with the Internet connection cut off due to "slight"(* troubles from our new ISP, I am able to post again. Thank you for your patience.

(* It turned out that no one hadn't been to our building basement and switched the cable from the equipment of our previous ISP to the machine of our current one. Way to go!

Also I have had troubles publishing... Every time I have tried to the progress meter stucks to 20 % and never finishes. That kinda sucks. As of now it is 24th of November, I wrote this entry back in October 31st...