Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oriental Charms

It was the Chinese New Year a while back and such a fan (of sorts) of oriental that I am I just had to participate. Or go and have a look-see was my intentions at first, beign quite tired after a day at the office. We just missed the small firecracker show and saw the Chinese dancers dance from way behind of the crowd and I was ready to go home. I wasn't that thrilled to just be standing out in luckily enough not so cold weather.

But my wife had decided otherwise. She wanted to see the fireworks and the dragons and the whole shabang. So we walked around the little market that had been prepared for the festivities and bought little something to eat. Meanwhile the crowd before the main (and the only) stage had dispersed so we tought to seize the opportunity and get to the first row to see the next round of shows from a little closer.

First we had to endure through couple of interviews of some members Finnish Olympics team but, with all due respect, that was quite boring. You know the interviews are quite rarely that interesting. But after the interviews were over the show continued. There was wushu show, dancers and well, more dancers.

After the show was over it was time for the fireworks and for that the festivities were moved to a different location a short distance away. Well, not really the festivities but led by two dragons the crowd did move anyways. The fireworks display was beatiful and all in all I am not at all dissapointed that my wife convinced me to stay.

Happy year of the Rat people!
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