Sunday, November 27, 2005

Land of the rising sun

Yes well ok. The land of the rising sun is Japan but never the less that phrase is the first thing that comes into my mind from this picture. I have to admit that this picture remind me of the flag of the Japanese army and navy during WWII. I surely can understand the inspiration for that flag.

War aside now. Japanese and Finnish people are very similiar to each other I hear. Both are rather reserved and official in their behaviour. At least when they are sober. When drunk japanese become merry, talkative and inclined to sing a lot for all that I know. We Finnish are are quite different. Some of us became even more quiet and reserved when drunk. Some do come merry and talkative like yours truly but what comes to the stereotypical majority of drunk Finns... Violent, stubborn, idiotic and such. Very big chunk of public healthcare expenses are because of drunk people. Most of the few homicides done in Finland are done drunk. And not to mention most of the men that drown during the summer have their fly open...

And the gloomy things aside! Think merry thoughts and be happy! I would love to visit Japan one day. I like the language even if it is rather difficult. I like the people they are both nice and beautiful. I like the Japanese architecture and landscapes and I have been fascinated by the history of Japan for quite some time now. One more plan for the future I guess. Posted by Picasa
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