Saturday, November 26, 2005

And we have a winner!

I participated into a photo competition held in a small computergaming community (discussion forums of Pelit-magazine) under the topic of "summer". And guess what? I won! Okay maybe the topic gave away a bit.

I think this picture radiates summer. The flowers, the bumbelbee, the colours. The summer. Last summer here in Finland was actually rather nice. Warm and it didn't rain too much unlike the summer before. I honestly feel like the summer 2004 was the rainiest ever. I can hardly remember a single dry day that summer. Of course it didn't rain all summer but it sure rained a lot.

But oh the summer '05! Warm and nice all together. What made last summer even better was that for me it kind of began almost three months early. How is that I hear you ask. Well thanks to our balcony which has glasses. Even when the temperature outside was still barely over the 0 degrees centigrade the glassing of our balcony let the temperature there rise to nice and cosy +25 degrees centigrade. Only for as long as the sun shone to the balcony of course and that was for the first couple of hours after sunrise. But that was enough for us. Posted by Picasa
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