Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Way the Camera Bounces

I had to do little experimenting the other day and here is the artsyfartsy result.
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Monday, December 03, 2007

Things I Miss About Budapest: People

Given the picture here I know just how you are going to interpret the title. And I have to admit that you are propably right. But I'll get back to my educated guess later. First I want to tell you what the title really means.

The thing I miss about hungarian people, I am not sure if I should say that in such a broad sense since I only have empiric studies from Budapest, is the way they know how to behave. Take the public trasportation for example; trams, buses, metro, you name it. Au contraire to what I have used to here in Finland, yet again maybe I just stretch it too wide since this may actually be Helsinki oriented problem, the people actually let you leave the public transportation before they try to get in.

It is oh so infuriating for example to stand in the metro car next to the doors when the train arrives to a busy station e.g. Kamppi or Central Railway Station and when you try to get off the train most of the time you need to use your elbows to make your way through the mass of people standing on the platform and rushing in the train the very second the doors open. For crying out loud the train is not leaving anywhere before a) the people wanting to leave the train have done so and b) the people wanting to enter the train in the immediate vicinity of the car have done so. Why the rush and rampage? Jeez...

And then my educated guess: Most of you propably thought given the photo that I miss the hungarian women. That is true too. My apologies to both of my female readers but I reckon that the ratio of women in good shape in Hungary and in Finland are pretty much inverted. If 1 in 10 in Finland is in good shape it is 1 in 10 in Hungary who are overweight. Ladies like her in the photo for sure are much more pleasing to the eye than your average finn. And majority of women I saw in Budapest were like her.

Not to mention the differences of the fashion... But I think that'll deserve a post of it's own.
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