Thursday, January 25, 2007

Whoa man, look at the colors!

Way too many buildings look way too boring at night time. Either they are just about pitch black, glow in orange or white. Little more creativity please. Use of colors, besides the orange, shouldn't be that challenging. I mean, take a look at this building here. Normally, I bet, that stairway would be lit with white lights but with a little creative use of colorlights the building looks actually quite amazing.

The Fennia building in downtown Helsinki is another good example of non-traditional lighting of a house. It is lit with lights that change the color every now and then and it is beautiful. But for some reason it feels like it is illegal or something to use any other color of light than white or orange to enlighten (public) buildings.

I should photograph that Fennia building too sometime.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Roof Art

Everyone living in a bigger town than 10 or citizens (or at least visited such a town) has surely seen some graffitis. Most of them are ugly as hell but there are some really artistic among them too.

But if you are going to art of grand scale on a public building then do it with style. Like this 175-year-old roof graffiti in Vienna, Austria. Now there's style!

What did you say? It is not a graffiti? It is a colorful roof tiling?

Oh yeah, no kidding?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Been Kind of Busy

First of all I have to apologize for the three or four regular visitors and the bunch on non-regular ones for not updating for quite some time.

The reason me being somewhat busy is this little fella here. He is our litlle five (close to six now) months old testudo hermanni boettgeri or western hermann's tortoise. I have had quite a lot to learn about how to feed this guy what are his habits and so on. But most of my time has gone by mostly just watching him eat, sleep and wander around.

Quite not surprisingly most of my recent pictures are of him so I don't have much new stuff to post. I presume I am to dig to my archives yet again and try to find something worth posting.

Oh, one more thing, we call him Radagast even though it takes a decade or so to know his gender for sure.