Saturday, November 26, 2005

Malmi cemetary

About five minutes walk away from my home there is a cemetary. It is quite large for a Finnish cemetary but is still rather peaceful place to take a walk. There are quite many squirrels running around the grass and jumping from tree to tree. I suppose people feed the a lot since they are quite tame. The come pretty close to people and rather obviously wait us to feed them a little. Unfortunately we didn't have anything edible with us so these little creatures didn't get their snack that time.

It was a quite warm day in the summer back then and I suppose all that running and jumping makes even the small squirrels thirsty. Good thing that the cemetary has these little wells all around the place so the people visiting the graves of their loved ones can get water for the flowers. And of course a little refreshing sip for the squirrels too! Posted by Picasa
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