Monday, November 28, 2005

Birds over morning mist

One of the few benefits of having the balcony on the east side of the building is the chance to see very nice sun rises. Such was the case when I got myself up surprisingly early to witness a flock of bird flying over the rising sun. There was still mist on the ground which gave the scenery a slightly mysterious look. It was a pretty morining and lucky for me it was late enough in the autumn that the sun didn't rise too early.

I am a very sleepy person. I need like a nine hours of night's sleep and still I am a poor person to get up from the bed. Any how as I was saying the sun doesn't rise too early here up north during late autumn, winter and early spring. Even further up north there is a season called kaamos (don't know what it is in english sorry) when the sun won't simply rise at all. Now how depressing is that? Fortunately down here in southern Finland the sun does rise every day even if for a short while. The shortest day in Helsinki is around December 21st when sun rises at 10.24 and sets at 16.11.

On the other hand then. In the mid summer the sun won't set at all in the northern Finland and even though here in south the sun goes below the horizon it doesn't get dark at night. Which has it's benefits and disadvantages. For a while now I have wanted to take pictures of passing trafic with long exposure timing and to do that it naturally needs to be dark enough. And when it is dark enough outside it isn't warm enough for me anymore. Bummer. Oh well more clothes I guess. Posted by Picasa
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