Thursday, December 25, 2008

A walk on the seashore

I love the reflection of her on the sand wettened by the retreating wave.
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Shootout

First hair and fashion show in Itäkeskus:

Hair and Fashion Show

And then the Samba carnival in downtown:

Helsinki Samba Carneval 2008

Altogether of 1000 frames shot. Probably my personal record for a single day. And one that I am not soon to break either, I'd wager.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fashion Show in the Esplanadi Park

Marimekko - Summer Collection 2008
Yet again a fashion show that I hear about on very short notice. This time all of the clothes on the show were from Marimekko, which is quite understandable for this was Marimekko fashionshow. Was it the 17th annual show? Something like that.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The World of Fashion

Fashion Show at Kamppi
Also an experiment how Picasa Web Albums are displayed on Blogger.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Very First Shot

I got my new camera to replace the stolen Canon 350D and this is the very first shot taken with it.

To those who are curious about the new cam, it is Canon 450D. And oh boy is it so much better than 350D. I didn't see any point in upgrading 350D to 400D since there was so little new in 400D. But even if my cam wouldn't have been stolen I would've been oh so very tempted to upgrade to this one.

Thanks to cheap US$ and a therefore cheap HK$ plus a very helpful friend who conveniently happened to visit Hong Kong I got the cam before it is even available in Finland (without reservation at least) and a whole 200 € cheaper too.
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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Golden Section

It has to be there somewhere. I just know it has to be there...


I had an marvelous idea! Why wouldn't I add an tooltip to my pictures to clarify a bit when and where each photo is taken? Spledid, don't you think?

Well I would love to, except that Blog this feature of Picasa doesn't seem to support neither alt nor title attributes. Oh well, go figure. I just might have to try and add them post posting then.

Added the title attribute afterwards, wasn't too hard. Now I just have to go through the archive at some point and add the thing to all the posts. At some point. In small batches. Over time.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Longing for the Summer Breeze

Now that we finaly got some snow here, on the very verge of spring, I most certainly do wish that the summer will eventualy win this struggle. I like snow, I really do, but if I could choose I would go to the snow and not the other way around. But me being a mere human and the comings and goings being controlled by mother nature I just have to adapt.

And to recollect some of the memories from summers past. Like to warm summer breeze that sweeps over me while I lay on my back on the grass of the park and watch the clouds go by. So slowly and so serenily. And the deep blue of the sky. And the warmth of the sun...

Oh, to have the summer here again.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oriental Charms

It was the Chinese New Year a while back and such a fan (of sorts) of oriental that I am I just had to participate. Or go and have a look-see was my intentions at first, beign quite tired after a day at the office. We just missed the small firecracker show and saw the Chinese dancers dance from way behind of the crowd and I was ready to go home. I wasn't that thrilled to just be standing out in luckily enough not so cold weather.

But my wife had decided otherwise. She wanted to see the fireworks and the dragons and the whole shabang. So we walked around the little market that had been prepared for the festivities and bought little something to eat. Meanwhile the crowd before the main (and the only) stage had dispersed so we tought to seize the opportunity and get to the first row to see the next round of shows from a little closer.

First we had to endure through couple of interviews of some members Finnish Olympics team but, with all due respect, that was quite boring. You know the interviews are quite rarely that interesting. But after the interviews were over the show continued. There was wushu show, dancers and well, more dancers.

After the show was over it was time for the fireworks and for that the festivities were moved to a different location a short distance away. Well, not really the festivities but led by two dragons the crowd did move anyways. The fireworks display was beatiful and all in all I am not at all dissapointed that my wife convinced me to stay.

Happy year of the Rat people!
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