Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things I Miss About Budapest: Baked Roll

Nowhere else have I seen these baked rolls and there are quite many places I have visited. The kürtős kalács really is a delicasy you should not miss when in Budapest. Unfortunately I cannot recall the real name for these rolls right now but it does not diminish their great taste. Thank you christie and Enikő foreducating me on the name!

As you can see these rolls are cooked on open fire (well not so much on fire than embers). After they have baked enough yhey are rolled on sugar or cinnamon or what ever flavour you want (and is available to the stand).

These were just the perfect snack for a casual stroll through the streets and parks of Budapest. For me they somehow have stated to represent the feeling of not being in hurry to anywhere. Damn I miss that feeling.

And those baked rolls.
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