Saturday, November 26, 2005

Park close to my home, sandy bottom of a creek

I will post a couple more picture taken in the park. This picture is of the sandy bottom of the creek mentioned in the earlier post. I love the way the water shapes the fine sand. It is pretty much similiar to the shapes of the dunes in the desert. At least compared to the pictures I have seen of the desert dunes.

Anyhow I am quite fond of the running water. Let it be a small creek like this one or a bigger river I like to see the water flow. In a small creek like this one the water runs so merrily and in the bigger rivers it is fascinating to look how the sheer big mass of water flows slowly forward.

A few years ago I was sitting a the roof of my wife's childhood home looking at the Ounasjoki river under the midnight sun. The slow flowing of the water was really calming sight and somehow I long to see something like that again. Maybe someday. Posted by Picasa
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