Friday, June 30, 2006

Wroooooom! Or a Lucky Shot!

Sometimes, every now and then, people get lucky. Someone might find a 20 euro bill from the floor of super market, other might find a rock with resemblance of Jesus and someone just might get a lucky shot that just so happens to look pretty good. I am one of the latter kind of people (ok, I did find the 20 euro bill too).

I saw this neat looking retro style sports car standing in the lights and took a picture of it. Then I switched my camera to sports mode to be able to take more pictures while the car passes by. Unfortunately there was another car blocking the view for quite some time when the light turned green. Fortunately it was some old station wagon and accelerated way much slower than the sports car. Fast enough, though, to block my view long enough for me to snap only this one picture when the car was closer. And of course I wasn’t fast enough to zoom out the picture to make the whole car fit into the picture…

But after all the result is actually a good one. A lucky shot. Posted by Picasa
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