Monday, June 12, 2006

The Many Faces of Budapest (part IV) or Where Did All This Junk Come From?

While walking around the neighbourhood to fins some place to eat at I stumbled upon something quite astonishing. There was this street that had its sides filled with all this junk. There was enough room for the cars go by and on the sidewalk for people to walk by but every single vacant spot where there were no cars parked were filled with all kind of junkyard stuff.

The folks on this picture were loading that refrigerator on to the car but there was another car that is behind this pickup that had some sort of wooden boards on the roof that the people were unloading to the street. Now what is all this supposed to be?

When I walked on I found out that this wasn’t the only street that the stuff was dumped on. Oh no, not at all. That stuff was just about everywhere. Even on the sides of one of the main streets! And what was even weirder that the stuff being dumped on the street was that that there were people sitting next to the piles and apparently selling the stuff. I mean there were some people looking through the piles and if they found something interesting then money changed ownership.

My wife asked about this from her Hungarian colleagues and they just laughed it off. “Why want to buy something?” Oh well, when in Rome… I’ll grab that telly over there. Oh wait, it works and is the property of the hotel. I’ll just leave it there. Besides the stuff on the street was gone day or two later… Posted by Picasa
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