Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chicks Beware!

You never know when someone is skulking!

I was taking a walk after eating dinner out on town when I saw something move on the edges of my field of vision. After a while of looking around probably with a weird expression on my face I managed to spot this little prowler hiding in the flower bench. There (s)he was trying to stay hidden and observing everything that moved around. (S)he never had a chance to surprise any bird since there were none around. Some random flying bugs did get a faint effort to get hit by a paw but nothing serious anyways.

And since you thought I was going to talk about women I might as well do so too. For my wife has told me that she gets random hollers and whistles while walking to work, stereotypically mostly from construction workers. I have noticed a number of times that bar tenders at coffee shops have rather openly checked out girls passing by in tight pants. Couple of times I have heard a car honk on an apparently empty street only to notice that some fine figured, scantly clad lady was walking on the side walk.

This has partly confused my wife since she doesn’t think herself worthy of hollers and whistles (I do) compared to local women (even to them I do). Local women mostly have a nice hourglass figure, slim waist and tight’n’round butt I grant them that much. Therefore my wife wondered why she got the whistles she ain’t that special (she is). Men. Go figure.

On the other hand my wife got a long list of compliments from a (pretty, red haired) waitress in a coffee shop here other day. In Hungarian, which neither of us understand. After getting our order she talked a while to another waitress while looking a little shy (in a cute way) and then they came together back to us. The other waitress told my wife, with a rather clumsy English, that she had beautiful eyes (she has, especially when wearing those green contact lenses as she did that day). That was so very sweet. Posted by Picasa
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