Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sheet Lightning

Yesterday evening while taking a walk after sunset I spotted some flashing lights “somewhere over the buildings”. At first we thought it was somebody taking pictures with flash-light and we gave it no further thought. But after walking a few block more and the flashing light still being visible over the rooftops we decided it was something else, maybe an outdoors concert light or something. When we got to a bigger street with better visibility, no more apartment buildings all around us, we realized it was a thunderstorm in the horizon.

The lightning strikes flashed but we heard no rumbling what so ever. We then decided to walk to the Heroes’ Square to take some pictures of it. While walking there we marveled the light show the mother nature gave us. It really was quite something. I mean bright lightning striking behind the clouds, lightening up the whole horizon with the clouds casting shadows of the lightning strike. Phenomenal.

When we got to the square we looked for a darker spot so that the light from the streetlight wouldn’t mess up the pictures. I set the camera to Shutter-priority AE, the ISO value to 1600 and the drive mode to continuous shooting. Then I support the camera against a hand rail and pointed it up to the sky and started shooting.

Couple of hundred frames later I was able to get only one decent picture. The one posted here. Somewhat frustrating but shooting a lightning strike is more about luck that anything else when you are only able to take a maximum of three (3) shots per second. Posted by Picasa
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