Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Barrens Giraffe!

As promised earlier here is one more picture sneak peeked outside the zoo fence. Once I saw that giraffe I made my mind that I want to visit that zoo and see those animals even closer! The Hippopotamus and elephant were cute also but some how this giraffe was the one. Maybe they have some zhevra runners there too!


On a side note as you might have spotted from the couple latest posts I seem to have a little problem with the exposure of the pictures. During daytime the pictures seem to get over exposed very easily. Even though my camera is set to automatic the exposure isn’t quite right. I have worked around that by manually setting the exposure compensation to -1 step. That seems to be enough to prevent the white areas from getting way too bright but then I should try and remember set the compensation again when I am shooting after the sunset.

I’m not quite sure if the reason for the over exposure is the camera or the bright sunlight here in Hungary but either way it is annoying. Be it as it may I’ll just have to adapt and learn to remember to set the exposure compensation… Posted by Picasa
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