Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Many Faces of Budapest (part III)

Ok so, last time I went and said that if there isn’t enough money to renovate the building then it just might be demolished to make space for a “parking lot”. Right. I’ll have to take it back.

Apparently they do renovate only parts of buildings here. I have to admit that this does look peculiar, but hey, at least part of the building looks good. Maybe the owner of the apartment wanted and afforded to renovate the outer walls of the apartment but the rest of the owners didn’t or something. Nonetheless the result looks odd.

Anyways this is so far the only building I have seen only partly renovated. Oh way, no it is not. It is the only building that I have seen renovated only from the area of apparently one apartment. There have been other buildings that have been renovated only from the area of one or two stairways. Posted by Picasa
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