Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dug up from archives: Sunrise

This picture was taken with Fujifilm FinePix 1400Zoom which is a 1,3 Mpix compact camera and which does unfortynately not have too good imagequality when used in lowlight conditions.

Anyways one has to work with the equpment one has available, right? So this picture was taken on a cold December morning in 2002. 19th just a little to 9 am says the exif data so I am inclining to trust that.

Sunrises this colorful are rather rare in Finland if you ask me. If anyone says otherwise I am in no position to argue since I am quite heavy sleeper and am up quite rarely at sunrise. Even durin winter when the sun does rise late in the morning. Nonetheless this sunrise was worth immortalizing in my opinion.

The silhouette of the tree tops against the burning orange sky is dramatic and the only thing that bugs me in this picture, besides the obviously poor image quality, is the atenna tower visible just to the left of the pinetree top. Oh, I hope I just didn't spoil the picture for you too. Posted by Picasa
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