Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Once again a competition picture from the discussion forums (in finnish and requires a subscription to Pelit magazine).

The theme was red and for quite some time I had no idea what so ever for the picture. Sure I have plenty of red things around the house but they all are so very ordinary and I wanted someting more impressive. Then one day I had this idea.

I took some dice from my collection and built up a pyramid. The base was made out of opaque dice and the top from transparent blue dice and a transparent red die. Then I lit up the led lights of my Nokia 3200 mobile phone and put it behind of the pyramid. The cone of light needed some masking so I put some more opaque dice to focus the light of the transparent dice before taking the picture. I like the outcome very much.

There are couple of reasons why I like tis picture. One being obviously that it looks good but the main reason is that it isn't one of those "Oh, nice setting. I'll snap a picture of it!" kind of photos so very typical for me. For this one I saw some effort in building up the setting and picturing the photo in my mind even before setting the camera on the tripod. Posted by Picasa
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