Monday, February 06, 2006

Latokartano Spirited Away - Underexposed

As requested in the comments of my previous post here is a underexposed photo of the same scenery. The cropping is different but the same elements should be there.

This photo is still unsharp even though it is sharper than the previous one and now that I have compared these two I think that the unsharpness somehow does give better atmosphere to the picture. And of course, due different exposure, the colours are totally different and yet again I prefer the earlier posted one over this.

Now the request fulfilled I have to apologize for not posting anything here for quite some time. I haven't been quite ok for the past month or so and therefore I haven't been out shooting. That sucks. But then again I rummaged through some more of my old pictures taken with some 1.3 MP Fujifilm camera and found some pictures worth posting. I'll post some of them here too later. Posted by Picasa
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