Monday, February 06, 2006

It feels good to win

Yet another vicroty in the photographing competition amongst the amauter photographers of Although the overall quality in this particular subject (balance) was in my opinion significantly lower than usually I must admit it did feel good to win. Yet again no prizes were even to be expected except the fame and glory in the closed community of subscribers of Pelit-magazine.

Being typical me I just put the coin standing, took my camera, pointed it in the right direction and shot the picture. Only later I occured to me that maybe I should have given it more thought as I had promised myself to try to do so. Well I didn't go and setup the coin again for another photo. Instead I went to my computer, downloaded the picture and found out it to be just fine. The lion stands as straght as it can considering the fact that if I had tried to get him anymore straight the coin would have just started rolling. The reflection of the flashlight isn't too bright, instead it gives the coin more shine that it really had. The reflection of the coin itself on the surface it is standing on is quite nice too and I like the way the sharpened area is quite thin.

Maybe if I gave more thought to the actual setup and shooting I might be able to have better pictures. Or maybe I just go overboard and overanalyze things and end up with more crappy pictures. We shall see. Posted by Picasa
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