Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just some random pictures

Just a quick check how Blogger handels the way it posts pictures when the at upload differenct sizes are selected. The first is small, second medium and the last is large. Earlier I presumed that it would affect the size of the picture shown after clicking the thumbnail. It actually seems to affect the tumbnail size. Now that explains a thing or two with the problems I have had with the layout of the text in my recent posts. Now all that remains to be checked is that if the picture behind the thumbnail is resized too.

Oh, I do like the way sun shines through the clouds. Not quite just random pictures after all.

Edit: The size indeed does affect only the thumbnails. I guess I could've found that one out by reading some help files, readmes or stuff like that. But hey, I am an engineer, if I need to open a manual (or something related) something has already gone wrong...

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