Sunday, July 09, 2006

Danube by Night

Ok first off, taking pictures at nigh without using a tripod… Well that is quite challenging. Thanks to the image stabilizer and ISO1600 the exposure time could be kept in reasonable limits. In this case a whopping one third of a second. The picture isn’t the sharpest one and the amount of noise in the picture is tremendous but still I’d dare say the picture is good considering the amount of light available and the lag the tripod. I did brace the camera to the bridge railing which did shake every time a car went by.

Ok enough with that and time for some wonderings. While walking around the town at night you can witness some pretty weird things. One was a couple of lads taking pictures of each other. They had one compact camera and the other fellow stood astride above a light that was dug into the ground and shed light upwards. And the camera was apparently set to timer and positioned on the ground between the fellow’s legs. Hmmm. Strange. I had to double check that the person photographed thus was not a girl and wearing a skirt. No, they both were dudes.

The second weird thing was an elderly man who walked along the bank of Danube, between the road and river where there was no sidewalk. Well that ain’t that strange but the strange thing was that he started to undress himself. After a couple of minutes of taking his pants off we got bored and went on our way.

Third, there is a pedestrian bridge festival going on here when Széchenyi Chain Bridge, the oldest bridge here, is shut off from the traffic. There is supposedly all sorts of events and program late into the night, but I didn’t expect to see a glassblower at work around 00:15! He did make very good looking glass ornaments though. Oh, and at the Pest side of the river I at last found a nice café called the Festival Café. The name, unfortunately, suggests that the café is there only for the duration of the festival. Luckily the festival takes place on every weekend thoughout July

And fourth. I know being an entrepreneur is a hard job and that as an entrepreneur you can decide yourself when you are going work and such. But seriously, keeping a flower booth open at 01:00 in the night? Come on, we saw just half a dozen of other people walking the whole street! There were no customers at sight and they kept the booth open! Or so I thought. When we got to the booth, indeed there came a couple who stopped to look at the flower bouquets and I understood correctly they did buy something. Maybe if they didn’t have customers they wouldn’t keep the booth open. And since the booth was open apparently they do have customers late at night too…

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