Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Repellent Shared Victory!

Once again a photo contest victory in the gaming community of discussion board. Well a shared victory actually. Sami Möttö gathered equal amount of votes as I with this photo.

The topic was "luotaantyöntävä" in finnish which translates to forbidding, repellent, repulsive or unapproachable in english. Most of the people had an approach of something disgusting like mold on cream cheese, bugs and such.

I on the other hand took the topic a little more freely. For me the picture came more as "luotaan työntävä" which translates to repellent according to FinnPlace dictionary. The slight difference in finnish words of "luotaantyöntävä" and "luotaan työntävä" is that the former is more of something disgusting and latter is more of something that pushes something else away. Former being more of metaphorical and latter concrete way of pushing something away.

Besides the tree in my picture reminds me a little of Dr. Zoidberg. It can't be that repulsive!
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