Saturday, April 29, 2006

Straight Out of Oblivion

While browsing through my pictures I repeatedly stop at the photos of this church. It some how reminds me of something that I have seen somewhere. Not before my trip to Budapest but after that and I am pretty sure the only church I've seen up close since my return to Finland is here in Viikki which most certainly does not look like the church in the photo on the left.

Then suddenly it hit me. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the newest CRPG from Bethesda Softworks. It has towns with similiar architechture as this church here. The big round window looks very very familiar. The two towers and so on. I tried to find a screenshot that would present a similiar looking building but this is the closest I found.

The feeling was quite astonishing when the revelation hit me. Even though I run my Oblivion with low to mid settings the immersion in the game is very good. What would better demonstrate that than that something that you saw in game resembles something out of the real world? Posted by Picasa
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