Friday, April 21, 2006

The Adventures of Space Agent Valérian

I came back from my a little over week trip to Budapest yesterday and have been sorting out the pictures I took there. So much to show so little decent quality pictures. I know I am propably too hard on myself on this one but that is just the way I am even if I am trying to learn myself out of it.

Anyways, I was taking a nice little stroll (which ended up lasting for seven hours) with my wife on the Buda sida of the river Danube and we came across many buildings in various states of deterioration. Most of those building definitely were once very beautiful but alas the pollution and wars have left their scars on the city.

When we walked by this particular structure I felt like I was in some album of Jean-Claude Mézières'. It just felt so surreal. I mean it felt like I had come from different planet or time, just like Space Agent Valérian, and was now looking at the structures left by now passed civilization. Like the people that lived here now had nothing or very little to do with the building they lived among.

Maybe that is because here in Finland we have so very little anything as old as these buildings in Budapest. Or maybe it is because these places we do have old buildings didn't see the World War II so up close. And maybe the Soviet domination has left the Hungarian state in far poorer situation than what Finland has ever been. Maybe Finland just has had more money to keep the old buildings in good shape.

I am sure that the money matters since I did see a lot of buildings in various states of restoration but more of it at some other time. Posted by Picasa
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