Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blowing Bubbles in Heureka

In Heureka, the Finnish Science Center, there are many neat gadgets and stuff but just about the most fascinating to me was this thingamajig. It has a pool of soapwater and a horizontal bar with strings in the both ends. This bar could be then lift up from th water so that it formed a film of soap water between the strings, the bar and the water surface. And naturally you blow to it to make big soap bubbles!

It was rather challenging to get a good picture of transparent and moving film of soap water. And the rather dim lihting of the exhibition hall was of no help. Finally after trying without flash and with built in flash I took out my external flash and set the camera to the sport mode and just shoot a series of photos while my friends blew the bubbles.

A little something about the dimension of the film since I cropped out the blowers: The film was a little less than a meter both horizontally and vertically and the bubble forming in the picture comes out of the surface of the film some good two dozen or so centimeters.
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