Friday, November 24, 2006

Rise and Shine!

There was a magnificent sunrise here the other day. I have missed these for quite some time. In both meanings of the word, I would presume.

I tend to sleep long in the mornings, mostly because I go to bed relatively late and because I need more sleep than the average person does. Therefore I get up too late to see the sunrises.

Thankfully winter is coming and the sun will rise later so I am more likely to see the rising sun more often. That is one of the few things I like about winter. And because I have missed the sun rises by waking up too late I have begun to miss seeing them. I think I am over explaining here.

Nevertheless breathtaking sunrises are a more important thing for me than the equally breathtaking sunsets, just because I see fewer of the sunrises. And now I miss the sunsets too…


Finally, after a couple of weeks with the Internet connection cut off due to "slight"(* troubles from our new ISP, I am able to post again. Thank you for your patience.

(* It turned out that no one hadn't been to our building basement and switched the cable from the equipment of our previous ISP to the machine of our current one. Way to go!

Also I have had troubles publishing... Every time I have tried to the progress meter stucks to 20 % and never finishes. That kinda sucks. As of now it is 24th of November, I wrote this entry back in October 31st...
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