Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

It has been a year since I kicked up this little photoblog of mine. 86 posts, couple of more photos and few comments… That just about wraps up everything there is to tell. Anyhow I think I am going to bore you with little statistics, even though my StatCounter hasn’t been doing its work for a year yet, that’d be in a month or so.

As of November 26th 17:21 EET (+2 GMT) there have been 1618 visits to my blog which is actually quite nice, since I haven’t gone around and advertised my blog anywhere. Thank you all, even though I would like to get more feedback. Tell me what you like about my pictures, please.

Most of the visitors have been from Finland (41,94 %) with a fair share of US and UK visitor too (19,35 and 16,13) of which the latter country is probably due to a friend of mine who moved to London. Cheers mate!

Quite surprisingly 17,2 % of the visits have taken over an hour, did someone forget their browser on or what? On the other hand majority (62,1 %) of the visits were less than 5 seconds. Guess the Google search didn’t have the wanted results.

42 % of my visitors have used Internet Explorer 6.0 to browse my blog, while 36 % have used Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and 13 % have used Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and the rest 9 % is shared with Mozilla (5 %), Firefox 1.0.7 (2 %) and Opera (9.00).

Little over half (50,52 %)of the visitors have used 1024x768 resolution and 34,02 have used 1280x1024 resolution. There have been larger and smaller resolution too, but those are quite marginal, largest resolution being 1600x1200 (4,12 %) and the smallest being 800x600 (1,03 %) and then there is the ~6 % of unknown resolutions.

By far the most popular OS has been Windows XP (76 %) and Mac OS X is at second place with 14 %. 6 % of users have been running Windows 2000 and 4 % some unknown OS.

Judging from the number of returning visits I have some devoted readers. There are two (2) people with 10+ returning visits, one with 5-10 and 9 1-5 returning visits. 81,8 % of visitors have been first time visitors. Ok, I know that this data is quite unreliable since it is based on a cookie. If the same person visits my blog regularly but does that from different comp every time (s)he is always counted as a first timer.

I think this is enough boring data for now. Here is a picture to end this post. This is one of the oldest pictures I have taken. It certainly isn’t my first, but one of the oldest that have survived. It was taken on a beach of Rhodes summertime around 1990 or so can’t quite remember the exact year.

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