Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Feeling Tired? Take a Nap!

Sometimes the pace of this world seems way too hectic. Everyone seems to be in such a terrible hurry to somewhere that no-one remembers to take it easy anymore. I for myself have noticed that when ever I go to the town with a schedule the time always just seems to run out. “Oh heck, I gotta run to get in time to these other places!”, “I’ve been here for too long!” and “Now I won’t have enough time to go to that one place anymore!” seem to be very common thoughts then. But when I go out to town to just stroll and visit the same places without any kind of schedule I have no hurry to anywhere. And still I manage to go to all the places I had intended to. Funny isn’t it?

So when I saw this little koala I was kinda envious of him/her. I mean, (s)he looks like (s)he has no worries what so ever. No obligations, no hurries, no pressure. Then again (s)he is caged in a relatively small space, so maybe I am the lucky one after all.

But you people, remember to take it easy once in a while! Posted by Picasa
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