Monday, August 14, 2006

The Versailles of Austria

Schönbrunn palace the Austrian equivalent of Versailles is actually quite a sight. No picture really can do real justice to since no picture can capture the whole of the palace and its vast gardens. Or actually an aerial picture could but that is a different thing altogether since in aerial photo either the details are way too small or the picture in itself is way too big.

Anyways I visited the palace twice and at first time really didn’t have a possibility to try and find a way to take photo of the palace in any other manner than the regular tourist slash guidebook way. On the second visit to the palace grounds this friendly gentleman was doing some yoga exercises. Maybe he wasn’t friendly I don’t know but he did have a good, sculpted body and gave me a perfect opportunity to take at least a little different photo of the palace.

Besides I know my wife liked the fellas body, so having the opportunity and good excuse, I decided to get two flies with one shot. Especially since in Montenegro I saw this good looking guy with muscular body, nice six-pack and well formed chest and biceps. After explaining to my wife what she missed when she didn’t come to take a walk with me she asked me that why didn’t I take a picture of him, since I did have my camera with me.

Well indeed, why didn’t I?
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