Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Bridge That Once Was

It is somewhat amazing how I find myself wondering over things gone. The Roman ruins of Aquincum (and more here) were a place of marvel to me. The old towns of Rhodes, Vienna, Tallinn, Kotor and so on are the exact same thing. I see some glimpses of things that once were and in my mind kind of rebuild them.

Through my minds eyes I saw the buildings of Aquincum still standing and the streets full of life. As do I see this here bridge still standing. This bridge is located just outside the old town of Kotor, Montenegro. Right alongside it is a new bridge but the remains of the old bridge have been left lying in the stream. And what a beautiful, clear watered stream it was. Further downstream, closer to the bay itself there were some small boats anchored. At first it looked like those boats were levitating on the air, I just couldn’t see the water until I got closer.

Such beauty I so rarely see.
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