Tuesday, August 15, 2006

...Always an RPGamer

And this here is an old Hungarian castle on the bank of Danube. Or for the most of the people it is. For me it is pretty clearly a place where my character based on Saint Jerome, portrayed in the previous post, just might live.

It is located somewhere remote on a river bank on the island of Hârn, in the fantasy world of HârnWorld. It is simple yet quite complex and it does have somewhat of a mysterious aura to it, for real too. For me that isn’t just a ruined old castle but it is so much more too.

Just like this castle or the statue of St. Jerome, I see more in the things around me as an RPGamer that what I would see as a regular guy. For most of the people an abandoned old factory is something very dull but for me… I see an inspiration for a RPG scenario or two. Some people see old statues of people long gone, I see inspiration for characters. Some people see clearing in woods with a fallen tree, I see a camping site for adventurers, maybe even the camp and campfire too.

For a couple of years I didn’t register these. Everything I saw was just that, what I saw, nothing more, nothing less. That was because of personal worries of my own and worries about my wife who was depressed, drowning to her work, got burn out and her appendix became infected and she had to be operated. On top of that I myself got incurably sick. So no wonder I myself got quite depressed too.

But now my imagination runs wild once again.
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