Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Let me out of here!

Have you ever felt like a captive for some reason or another? Ever wanted to go somewhere but couldn't? If you have then you most certainly can relate to this little poochie here.

We, my wife and I, were walking down a street on the bank of Danube and heard barking out of somewhere. We kept looking around to locate this dog but all I could see was this german shepherd and he wasn't barking at the moment (although his barking did sound somehow muffled). And the barking didn't sound like barking of a big dog but rather a small dog.

Then my wife spotted a little head peeking out of the balkony one floor above the street level and there was our little barker! And he most certainly looked like he would've wanted to go somewhere. And he was propably telling it too.

I myself am being held somewhat captive by my tired legs. We walk a lot and that does take its toll on my feet that a quite easily tired. All I can do now is to rest and gather the strenght to be able to walk with her again after she gets off of work. Even though it would be so very nice to be out right now. Beatiful and warm summerday, sights for sore eye, maybe a nice cool beverage at some café...
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