Tuesday, December 06, 2005

88th Independence Day

Today 6.12.2005 Finland celebrates its 88th Independece Day. After over hundred years of Russian goverment and more than half a millennium of Swedish goverment before that have left their marks to Finnish society.

Common Finnish grunt dispises Swedish people and Swedish speaking Finns and scorn the Russians and youth doesn't like to study Swedish which is Finlands other official language. I can relate to that since I was't too happy to study Swedish either. But now ten years wiser I have little regrets for not studying Swedih more. If I had studied Swedish harder I could speak three different languages rather fluently (Finnish, Swedish and English) and would understand the basics of two more (Spanish and Japanese).

Oh well. What is past is past and cannot be changed but we can learn from the past. But it is one thing to learn from the past and to apply what you have learnt. I leart to study more when I have the chance but have I done so? No. But I do have rather good excuses for that since my own and my wife's health took a dive during the time I was supposed to study. And our heatlh had priority over the sutdies. Besides I didn't quite like what I was studying. And so I have come full circle. I wonder if I learn anything from history this time. Posted by Picasa
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